19 July, 2022

Combining Homeopathics with Nutritional Supplements

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The Benefits of Combination Therapies When Treating Mold-Related Illness by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD Many patients who suffer from mold-triggered illness are extremely sensitive. Mold is a master antigen and tends to cause the body to react to all other antigens, and sometimes even to safe substances, with Read more

18 August, 2019

Recovering From Mold Illness Requires an Integrative Approach

By |2020-04-17T22:44:14+00:00August 18th, 2019|Chronic Illness, Detoxification, Environmental Toxins, Mold Health Issues, Products Highlights|4 Comments

Homeopathic Remedies For Mold-Related Illness Encourage the Body to “Heal Itself” By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD Because many of the products discussed on this site are homeopathic remedies for mold-related illness and do not contain pharmaceuticals, we receive many questions about homeopathy in general: What is homeopathy? Does Read more

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