10 August, 2021

Using Mold Plate Testing With a Purpose

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The Simplicity of Mold Plate Testing to Help Diagnose and Inform Mold Treatment by Dr. Donald Dennis, MD In my experience, now that I have been treating fungal sinusitis and mycotoxicosis in my practice for over 20 years, testing patients for environmental mold spores during office visits and Read more

27 April, 2021

Answering Reader Questions About Mold and Health

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Next Steps and Helpful Interventions When You Suspect Mold is Damaging Your Health by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD In publishing our weekly articles about environmental medicine and mold-triggered health concerns, we receive quite a lot of questions and comments from readers about their specific situations and symptoms. Over Read more

5 January, 2021

Are Mold Plates a Helpful Testing Tool?

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Using Mold Plates (The Right Way) to Monitor Indoor Fungal Load and Protect Your Health by Catherine Fruechtenicht On my blog Mold Free Living, I often share how I use inexpensive mold plates to test the air and different pieces of furniture and belongings in our home for Read more

3 November, 2020

Which Test is Better for Mold, ERMI or EMMA?

By |2020-11-18T18:50:56+00:00November 3rd, 2020|Chronic Illness, Educational, Environmental Toxins, Inflammation, Mold Health Issues, Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, Mold Testing, Mold Tips|16 Comments

The Pros and Cons of Using ERMI and EMMA Tests to Assess Mold Exposure Risk Inside a Home By Catherine Fruechtenicht It is likely that you are reading this article because you are exploring options for testing for mold in your home or perhaps in a home that Read more

18 May, 2020

Making Your Home a Mold-Free Sanctuary

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Minimizing Your Mold Exposure at Home and From Your Indoor Air to Preserve Good Health By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD While many of us are still spending the majority of our time at home during the shelter in place orders that are still active in most of our Read more

14 October, 2019

Can You Diagnose Mold Illness With a Lab Test?

By |2020-04-18T20:52:06+00:00October 14th, 2019|Chronic Illness, Educational, Environmental Toxins, Mold Health Issues, Must Read, Toxic Load|11 Comments

Why Lab Tests Are Only Part of the Picture for Making a Mold Illness Diagnosis By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD One of the most frequently-asked questions that I get from those seeking answers for mold-related illness is, “Is there a lab test we can do to confirm that Read more

4 January, 2017

Eat, Pray, and Get Well Video “How to Test for Mold’

By |2017-12-22T18:41:55+00:00January 4th, 2017|Mold Cleaning Tips, Mold Health Issues, Mold Remediation, Mold Testing|2 Comments

Eat, Pray, and Get Well is a blog written by Erin Porter, who has appeared on a number of national programs talking about her exposure to mold. Erin has produced a great video on how to use mold test plates to look for mold.   We have linked to Read more

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