14 March, 2021

Acid Reflux and How it Relates to Mold

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Environmental Triggers, Symptoms, and Interventions for Acid Reflux by Dr. Donald Dennis, MD With 60% of Americans reportedly experiencing acid reflux once in a while and 20% experiencing reflux on a routine basis, it is safe to say that most people are familiar with the discomfort and pain Read more

5 January, 2021

Are Mold Plates a Helpful Testing Tool?

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Using Mold Plates (The Right Way) to Monitor Indoor Fungal Load and Protect Your Health by Catherine Fruechtenicht On my blog Mold Free Living, I often share how I use inexpensive mold plates to test the air and different pieces of furniture and belongings in our home for Read more

18 October, 2020

Has Fungus Ever Been Misdiagnosed as Cancer?

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Fungal Infections Misdiagnosed as Cancer and Why Mold Exposure Raises Your Cancer Risk By Erin Porter It has been documented in medical literature since the 1950s that illnesses and growths caused by fungus and fungal infections have been mistaken for cancer.  In the 1957 textbook from Johns Hopkins Read more

8 March, 2020

Poor Liver Function Ruins Your Health

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Optimizing Liver Function and Detoxification to Avoid Illness and Disease by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD The liver, second to skin, is the largest organ in the human body.   At any one time, over one third of the total blood volume is in this organ. In humans, the liver Read more

2 March, 2020

Are Oxalates Messing With Your Health?

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The Damaging Effects of Oxalates and Their Role in Inflammation and Disease by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD Oxalic acid is an organic acid formed in cell metabolism and is the most acidic organic acid in the body. It is also referred to as “oxalate”. When not made by Read more

12 August, 2019

Looking at the Big Picture of Chronic Illness

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The Total Body Load or Toxic Load Explained By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD Chronic health problems can be frustrating and difficult to understand. Patients don’t always grasp why, after years of good health, they are now constantly suffering and faced with multiple health issues and symptoms. Many times, Read more

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