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Erin Porter is the founder, photographer, blogger, author, and recipe developer of Eat Pray Get Well. She lives in Florida with her family and is grateful to God for all of the healing, opportunities, and love He has placed in her path. Eat Pray Get Well has become so much more than a blog; it is also a book now available on www.eatpraygetwell.com, Amazon, and some retail book stores. Eat Pray Get Well also has also created a healthy snack line free of preservatives, processed sugars and gluten.
18 October, 2020

Has Fungus Ever Been Misdiagnosed as Cancer?

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Fungal Infections Misdiagnosed as Cancer and Why Mold Exposure Raises Your Cancer Risk By Erin Porter It has been documented in medical literature since the 1950s that illnesses and growths caused by fungus and fungal infections have been mistaken for cancer.  In the 1957 textbook from Johns Hopkins Read more

17 August, 2020

How Long Does It Take to Heal From Mold Exposure?

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For Chronic Illness Triggered by Mold, Recovery Is Not Always Linear By Erin Porter “How long does it take to heal?” This is a very common question, especially when it comes to mold-triggered illness. When you lose your health and sometimes even your home and belongings to mold Read more

10 August, 2020

Four Sinus Surgeries, But I Was STILL Sick!

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Why Finding and Treating the Cause of Chronic Sinusitis Was My Path to Healing By Erin Porter For almost 25% of the population, there is a genetic T-cell abnormality present that creates a heightened sensitivity to mold.  It’s actually more than a increased sensitivity, it makes that person Read more

14 June, 2020

The Positive Side of Chronic Illness

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How My Decades of Chronic Illness Became My Purpose by Erin Porter Before I rattle off my story of chronic illness which includes a long list of depressing symptoms and the inevitable financial and relational hardships I suffered as a result, I want you to think on this Read more