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19 December, 2017

An Inside Look at a Mold Patient’s First Appointment with Dr. Dennis

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This past Friday, I went Dr. Dennis’s office for a business meeting following afternoon patients.  To my immediate surprise, Dr. Dennis was in the process of seeing a personal friend and colleague that I strongly suspected had a mold problem and referred to Dr. Dennis.  He works with Read more

5 December, 2017

Can a Whiff of Mold Cause Instant Sinusitis Symptoms And Panic?

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You Could Be Suffering From Environmental Illness-Related PTSD. Over the past several months, I have described many chronic sinusitis patient experiences: disturbing neurological symptoms; inflammatory responses; and mood disorders.  These long-term disease symptoms complicate diagnosis and treatment for physicians and lead to confusion and frustration for patients, because Read more

27 September, 2017

7 Essential Steps to Relief From Mold in Your Home

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Detailed Information Behind the Infographic on "7 Steps to Relief From Mold in Your Home"   Several months ago, I collaborated with Dr. Dennis to produce a simplified infographic to provide an explanation of “7 steps to relief from mold in your home”  The idea behind the infographic Read more

18 August, 2017

Think Fungus: The CDC Has Its First Fungal Disease Awareness Week

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https://youtu.be/E9zHGyVWYDg?t=3 By Catherine Fruechtenicht August 18, 2017 Just a quick post today to alert you to the unthinkable! The CDC is finally echoing what Dr. Dennis has been saying for years: “Think Fungus.” In other words, if you are sick, and are not getting better with treatments Read more

27 July, 2017

Taking Mold Off Of The Table

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Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with several professionals that have dedicated a significant portion of their lives and careers to helping patients with severe mold illness. The breadth and scope of this often-undiagnosed disease is alarming, and I encounter severely ill Read more

5 March, 2017

Fungal Sinusitis & Toxic Mold: 5 Tips to Remove Black Mold from your Home & Treat Chronic Sinusitis

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Mold Testing and Mold Removal By Mold Medical Expert Donald Dennis, MD, FACS September 15, 2011, republished March 5, 2017 Mold Remediation and Black Mold have been in the news over the last few years. There is so much varied information on what you should to do; making Read more

2 December, 2016

An American Horror Story – My House Tried to Kill Me

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My husband, Ted, was tossing and turning just as much as I was.  Neither one of us could sleep.  In fact, I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in years and I’m pretty sure Ted didn’t either. I usually woke up feeling more anxious than rested. Oftentimes, I couldn’t fall Read more

13 July, 2016

The Effects of Mold Inhalation: Four Steps to Treating Dizziness, Brain Fog, Hormone Imbalance, Sinus Allergies, and Chronic Sinusitis

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by Sinus Expert Donald Dennis,M.D.,F.A.C.S. Click for more info: www.sinusitiswellness.com I have an important question for you. What is the number one mistake made by doctors who treat Chronic Sinusitis? This is important because if you have America’s most prevalent disease you are most likely being improperly treated. Read more

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