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23 July, 2014

Mixed mold mycotoxicosis: Immunological changes in humans following exposure in water-damaged buildings: Mold Immune System

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This abstract discusses a study conducted to investigate patients with multiple health complaints that were due to mold exposure in water-damaged buildings. Authors present data on symptoms; clinical chemistries; abnormalities in pulmonary function; alterations in T, B, and NK cells; and the presence of autoantibodies. About 200 adults Read more

23 July, 2014

The health effects of non-industrial indoor air pollution: Environmental mold as an indoor air pollutant

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The risks associated with poor indoor air quality, both at home and at work, are becoming more known. Indoor air pollutants include particulate matter, such as dust mite allergen, pollen, and mold spores; gases, including ozone and carbon monoxide; microbial and chemical volatile organic compounds (VOCs); passive smoke; Read more

17 December, 2013

Customer Question: What mold does your test kit target?

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Q: We just received a call from a customer who wondered about this statement at the bottom of our instruction in the Mold Screening Test Kit: MALT EXTRACT AGAR WITH 0.01% CHLORAMPHENICOL INTENDED USE Malt Extract Agar is used for the isolation, cultivation and enumeration of yeasts and Read more

16 October, 2013

What Conditions Promote Mold Growth & How to Keep a Clean Environment Safe for Fungal Sinusitis Sufferers

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Frequently, I talk to patients who have moved from highly contaminated mold environments to what they believe is a clean environment. They are bewildered as to why their fungus-related symptoms persist. The first thing that I ask my patients is, “Did you take anything from the old house Read more

14 October, 2013

Colorado Flood Danger Still Rising: Alert Your Friends & Family in the Area

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This article was adapted from an earlier article we published after Super Storm Sandy, but the information is very relevant to Colorado flood victims. The recipe for exponential mold growth is for moisture to reach above 50% in an environment that is out of direct sunlight and that Read more

28 June, 2013

Product Highlight: Mini Mate Air Supply – Ionic Personal Air Purifier

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For people with severe chronic sinusitis travel can be devastating. That is because hotels and aircraft often have mold problems that can trigger sever bouts of the disease. If you are one of those folks that can’t enjoy their vacation or can’t be effective at your job because Read more

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