Important articles about chronic sinusitis, understanding inflammation for mold sufferers and treating symptoms.

24 March, 2020

Further Down the COVID-19 Path

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Insights, Guidelines, and Promising Treatment Strategies for COVID-19 by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD As Covid-19 continues to be in the forefront of the news, we felt that additional information and insights might prove helpful to support infection prevention, calm anxiety, and help reframe the narrative for what has Read more

14 October, 2019

Can You Diagnose Mold Illness With a Lab Test?

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Why Lab Tests Are Only Part of the Picture for Making a Mold Illness Diagnosis By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD One of the most frequently-asked questions that I get from those seeking answers for mold-related illness is, “Is there a lab test we can do to confirm that Read more

20 September, 2019

My “Aha” Moment Linking Mold to Illness

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How I Discovered Mold as a Major Cause of Chronic Sinusitis and Other Chronic Illness By Dr. Donald Dennis, MD In 1989 I had several patients who did not respond to traditional sinusitis treatment; none of the customary therapies worked–antihistamines, decongestants, nasal washes, antibiotics, steroids, both nasally and Read more

22 July, 2019

“But My Allergist Said I Am Not Allergic to Mold!”

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Mold Allergy vs. Mold Illness: Why Ruling Out An Allergy to Mold Does NOT Rule Out Mold Toxicity By Dr. Susan Tanner Often patients seeking my clinical help for their puzzling and debilitating health symptoms are dismayed to find that the mold in their homes is the cause Read more

27 August, 2018

Understanding Inflammation for Mold Sufferers

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Inflammation is at The Root of Many Chronic Diseases When discussing chronic sinusitis, mold illness, and general healing, inflammation or the inflammatory response is at the core of each of these discussions. When the body encounters damaged tissues, foreign invaders, infection, or irritants, the body’s first defense is Read more

9 October, 2017

Chronic Sinusitis: Treating Symptoms Is Only Half The Battle

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Sinusitis and the Immune System Explained   Chronic Sinusitis is debilitating! Regardless of the cause (bacterial or fungal), treating only the symptoms has been the focus of physicians for ages. It wasn’t until 2003 that researchers formally defined chronic sinusitis as a group of disorders marked by sinus Read more