See What Sinus Defense Users are Saying

Grade Yourself

Find our what level of sinusitis you are–slight, moderate or severe– and then learn what you need to do to¬†follow Dr. Dennis’ body and environmental protocols. Go to Evaluation

Control Mold & Reactions

The mold-sinusitis connection has been proven. Use Dr. Dennis’ protocols to remove mold from your body, your home and even your car!¬†Protocol

Meet Dr. Donald P. Dennis

A practicing physician, Dr. Dennis has treated thousands of patients and helped them manage their chronic sinusitis with all-natural products and often without surgery. Learn more.

Do you have Chronic Sinusitis?

hand-keybrdTake the Evaluation

This is just like the evaluation doctors often give their patients. It will give you an indication if your symptoms are Slight, Moderate or Severe. It also directs you to protocols for each level.

mold-1Test for Mold in Your Home or Car

A simple DIY mold screening test will indicate where in your home mold may be causing a problem.

test-runTake a Test Run

Try Dr. Dennis’ protocol that treats your body and your environment for a short time. See if your symptoms improve..

Woman with tissue and hot drinkMisdiagnosed?

It is common for people to be misdiagnosed by allergists who test and treat only for Immediate Reaction Mold Allergies. A Delayed Reaction Mold Allergy Test should also be requested since 70% of chronic sufferers test positive. Ask your doctor for this test.

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