5April, 2020

Helpful Tools for Coronavirus Detection and Recovery

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Health and Fitness Trackers Can Indicate COVID-19 Infection and Effective Treatment Modalities by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD With everyone sheltering in place and staying at home to avoid COVID-19 exposure, we are Read more

31March, 2020

When Coronavirus Becomes the Perfect Storm

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Explaining Cytokine Storm in More Severe COVID-19 Cases by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD It is generally believed, as we move forward in our understanding of the COVID-19 virus, that most health complications Read more

24March, 2020

Further Down the COVID-19 Path

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Insights, Guidelines, and Promising Treatment Strategies for COVID-19 by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD As Covid-19 continues to be in the forefront of the news, we felt that additional information and insights might Read more

15March, 2020

Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Coronavirus: What It Is, What to Do, and How to Stay Healthy by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD Instead of adding to the climate of fear and uncertainty, I thought I would tackle Read more

8March, 2020

Poor Liver Function Ruins Your Health

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Optimizing Liver Function and Detoxification to Avoid Illness and Disease by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD The liver, second to skin, is the largest organ in the human body.   At any one time, Read more

2March, 2020

Are Oxalates Messing With Your Health?

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The Damaging Effects of Oxalates and Their Role in Inflammation and Disease by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD Oxalic acid is an organic acid formed in cell metabolism and is the most acidic Read more

23February, 2020

SIBO Part 2: Addressing Biofilm Formation

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Treating Biofilm in the Small Intestine for Long-Term Relief of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD The term “biofilm” has been mentioned in recent times in several different Read more

16February, 2020

SIBO: A Newer Term for an Older Condition

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Explaining Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or SIBO and Its Connection to Chronic and Environmental Illness by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD SIBO, or Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, has been an underlying condition for Read more

9February, 2020

Decoding the Uses and Benefits of Home Oxygen Therapy

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The Mechanism of Home Oxygen Therapy and Its Use for Treating Mold Toxicity by Catherine Fruechtenicht Last week, Dr. Susan Tanner, MD, shared the many benefits of hyperbaric and home oxygen therapies Read more

2February, 2020

The Power and Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

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Oxygen and Hyperbaric Oxygen in the Treatment of Mold-Related Illness and Chemical Sensitivity By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD One of the most helpful and relatively fast-acting treatments for patients affected by mold Read more

26January, 2020

Unpacking the Neurological Piece of MCS

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Understanding the Limbic System’s Role in the Symptoms and Treatment of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD In our last article, we discussed multiple chemical sensitivity, or MCS. We outlined Read more

19January, 2020

The Growing Problem of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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Shining a Light on Diagnosing and Treating Multiple Chemical Sensitivity By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or MCS, is a controversial medical condition characterized by an adverse physical reaction to Read more

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